Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Business Goal- The Opening Plan

Well one of the goals is to be successful in business/financial/investment pursuits and this is most likely to be done if that becomes my major field of study. Also being successful in this pursuit allows to me to be able to finance the others. So here's the beginning of the detailed plan, this is also rough because eventually I'll get more detailed and add, subtract and edit things.


First I need to show myself that I can save and be frugal where I need to be frugal. So the objective for this goal is to save 5000 PLN (PLN being the Polish currency where I'll be with my wife on and off until we've decided exactly what we're going to do with our lives) and 3,000 dollars. Now this money will represent the emergency cash that a financially sound person should have in hand for cases of lost jobs or sickness ect. I've not been the best saver in my life. I haven't been terrible either but I think I can be better. So with my financial aid check I should be able to have almost 3,000 dollars but that side will have to wait since I'll be in Poland making złoty for a while. I need to have a definite plan for building 5000 PLN in a certain amount of time. 500 PLN per month starting in the month of Feb should do it. That would give us 5,000 by October assuming we stay in Poland that long. But proving to myself that it can be done would be a huge accomplishment for me and at least being on track would be too.

BA AND MBA in Econ or Finance

Now obviously I haven't made a clear a decision here but it's far enough out that I don't have to yet. But one thing that would help me considerably in making my other goals would be if I were successful in my business/financial/investment pursuits. The best way to do this is to get a master's degree in the field. With that I could always fall back on teaching (though I don't want to) and I can always be producing money. Also I'll be able to gain the skills and knowledge to run my own portfolio and perhaps other people's as well. It's also a strong interest of mine, especially the Econ side and this will also help in my pursuits in making advancements in Economic and Political theory.


After the MBA and after getting a job and producing real money I'd like to get into a doctoral program maybe in the Economics school in Wrocław. There's a good chance that we'll end up in Poland and I'd love to have that specialization in Eastern and Central European Economies and Financial systems. But this part of the plan is very loose and something I may look into when I'm on more stable financial ground. This would also with the advancements in Econ theory goal I also have.

Now that's the rough plan for the business goal. There's a lot to add and a lot of planning within the planning to do. But that's the journey.

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