Saturday, April 11, 2009

Goal Number 1

It's becoming clearer and clearer that fun is the most important thing you can do to lead a joyful life. Now of course, a lot of hard work comes along with that. You can't have fun until you've covered the basics of life: home,food ect.

A relationship is just a microcosm of life in this case. You have to have a continuous source of fun, throughout the living and learning about each other, through out the hardships and victories, you always have to find fun. That's what me and wife are learning now. We've been together only two years and now some of those normal things that were 'just apart of our personalities' need to be re-evaluated.

Here's an example. My wife is a driven woman. When she has a task, she wants it done and she focuses on getting it done. I'm a bit more relaxed. When I'm packing I can play, I don't worry about forgetting something because to me, whatever it is I might be forgetting isn't worth the extreme amount of worrying. Now me and my wife are finding middle ground. I'm trying to get more focused on certain things and she's trying to lighten up. We're working towards a goal, that is to have fun with each other throughout it all.

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