Saturday, February 21, 2009

One Goal is Getting Bigger than the Others

I think I've become a bit addicted to one of the goals and have started forsaking some of the others. I've been so taken up with learning languages and reading about learning languages and finding the best language learning programs and strategies that things like my health goals and even the finance goals haven't been getting much attention. This of course will have to change. In the near future I'll write a post on what I'm doing for the language learning goals and how I'm studying but after that I need to calm down with studying about learning and retaining a language. I also need to adjust my goals for language learning. With all that said it's time to find a gym, write a post about nutrition and another about a work out plan. Also I need to reevaluate and get more detailed with my finances.

The other piece of the puzzle that has been totally forsaken is the art goal. It's true I'm busy studying and learning languages but I need to make time for that outlet even if it's in a bar with a beer, the writing must be done. I don't like to really count the writing I do in my English class because I don't really get to choose what to write. The other two things I've done virtually nothing about is learning the guitar, I haven't even read through a book on the basics yet, and my travel journal, I have a journal but I haven't written anything in it yet about traveling and where I've traveled, all that's in there are some German exercises I did awhile back. So that's the way it stands now, I gotta buck up or shut up if I want this journey to continue.

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