Sunday, December 14, 2008

Art Goal, What can you do? There are only 24 hours in a day.

Art Goal- Setback Planning Motivation

So one of the goals is to become a published working writer. But it shouldn't be any surprise that at some point goals can clash and one or two can get in the way of progress of another. This is that situation. I finally finished the first draft of my little novella and I was in the middle of the first re-write when school got in the way. Now full time school and full time job leaves no time for strenuous re-writes (and would probably make the re-writes bad if I go from my nose being in a book to not getting any sort of mental rest and then attempt to fix grammar and clarity). I'll have to think up a plan so my writing doesn't suffer and I don't get too far behind in it and worst of all so I don't just forget about it.

Forgetting about it happened a few years back when I got stuck in a dead end job that was 'paying enough'. I just didn't do any writing and didn't really care to. I don't really want that to happen, the writing goal may be the most important one to me aside from the Family Goal. So a plan needs to be concocted so that I write or handle the re-writing of something at least once a week.

I only have about 30 pages done and I think a good motivational tool would be my wife. If I just fed her a few pages to correct and had her write notes on them that I don't see until my re-write is over that might motivate me to keep on writing just for the simple fact to have something for her to read. This might be the solution and I'll run it by her when we're (finally) back together and then the journey will go on.

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