Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Few Short Term Goals Set and Planned Out

Planning and Short Term Goals

Here are a couple of short term goals to shoot for in each of the goal categories.

Language Goal-

Polish: Finish the Polish in 4 Weeks course by March.


Finish one lesson in full every two days. Write out the “Ćwiczenia” section out separately. There are 28 lessons in the book so finishing by March shouldn't be too hard so long as I stick to it.

Polish: Finish the Lock Superczłowiek manga I bought.

This is a small Japanese manga in Polish I bought. I love reading and I can understand most of what's going on so I should get it done.

Polish: Restart Mnemosyne.

Mnemosyne is a flash card program that tracks how often and how well you know vocabulary. I need to figure out a system so that I don't overload myself with words and phrases, which is what I keep on doing. I think adding 15 flashcards on Sundays only will work there.

Finish a good portion of the Michel Thomas Polish Foundation Course.

Michel Thomas has a pretty good language system and I recently found a Polish version of his system. It's 8 CD's and I'd like to be done with half of them by March.

Business Goal

Talk with Gosia about budgeting and take all the crap I'll get for not previously sticking to it. But I have to have room for hanging out with friends and watching sporting events in places with them or else I won't be able to stick to any budget. The short term goal here is to have 1,000 PLN in a separate savings account by March.

Art Goal

Have 85 pages of the novella re-written by March and have talked to Gosia about my plan for her to read portions of it at a time and write down her comments separately.

Have half of the guitar for dummies book read by March.

How do I do this?

I think I'll keep a short term google calendar to track progress and to make even smaller short term goals to reach these. I may just have to invest in a paper calendar though.

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