Monday, December 15, 2008

Current Language Statuses

Here's where I stand n the languages I want to learn and then some rough plans for each.


When I left Poland I was somewhere between Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate but I recently took an informal aptitude test and scored at a beginner level. Hopefully I can reactivate what I lost pretty quickly. I'll do some studying on the plane since I'll have to do a few things in Polish at the bus and train stations. The plan is to find formal lessons again and to do my very best to put myself in speaking positions. I was too often avoiding using Polish despite all the time I spent with my nose in a book studying it.


Well Spanish is a half native language so some of it will always stick but since I've been on and off around it my whole life and then only really speak it when I'm around my grandparents my vocabulary is a bit too small. Thank god that as beautiful a language as Spanish is that it doesn't have a massive amount of words and the grammar is manageable (unlike Polish). I think with Spanish I need to go through the motions and sit down and review the basics to fill in some blanks I have. What I'll probably do is use Michel Thomas' system for Spanish and start from the foundation course just so I can get that stuff I 'sort of' know down pat. I'll also stick to reading as much as possible since MT's course doesn't do a lot for noun vocabulary.


Well now these next two languages I'm going to have to put a halt to. To many languages can confuse you and that's my problem right now. I just finish a semester of German this week and liked it a lot but I'm not going to continue for the time being. What I am going to do since another semester is required is periodically review what I've already learned. I still have the books and I'll take them with me to Poland. But as far as advancing in the language I won't try, I'd like to be able to speak to my in-laws first.


I haven't even started and don't plan to yet. Italian is a good number of years down the road. If I get my Spanish down though I don't think Italian will be much of a problem. When I listen to Italian I can already understand a good chunk of it, but that's all later. Then I can move on to something else difficult like Farsi or Arabic.

There's the rough plan for each language. At some point there'll be individual updates and exactly what I plan to do for each language. It's all part of the journey.

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