Friday, December 19, 2008

The Family Goal

Family Goal- motivation rough planning

In the reading I've done concerning economic happiness it seems that being financially rich is less important to happiness than having good relationships and meaningful work. Now I could think of a hundred problems in marriages that stem from financial problems but still the goal as far as the family side goes or more specifically the marriage side is finding meaningful work and constantly working to make our relationship stronger. Now the first word that's constantly beat down by family therapist types is 'communication'. At this point that isn't a problem.

Really there aren't any problems. None that aren't typical or small, ones that concern the woman's natural inclination to change her husband. But that's normal and dealing with that isn't so bad, it's a process of giving a little but standing your ground too. If there is a problem right now it's the issue of nothing being settled. We not sure where we're going to be and because of problems that involve politics, law, and time stability isn't in the near future unfortunately. I have school to finish and we have annoying USA immigration laws to deal with.

What we can do though is prepare for stability. This is something I need to bring into the discussion picture with Gosia. How do we 'prepare' for stability? Well I think she's more on track than I have been and it bleeds over into other goals of mine too. You prepare by creating good habits in saving and spending. You keep the lines open between each other and talk about big purchases. While I believe being financially rich isn't the path to happiness I also believe that financial instability is the path trouble. I'm going to have learn a lesson from the financial situations of the world's governments. You should learn from other people's mistakes since you don't have enough time to make them all yourself.

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